Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?


The Art Studio is a private studio located in Heeze nearby Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands that is focused towards one on one client sessions. The atmosphere and design of the space is created to emphasize on the individual and is not a walk-in-shop. To make an appointment please submit your info through the contact page. 


How is  pricing done?


Due to diversity among clients and each project, details of a tattoo can vary depending on size, design, placement, skin and various other conditions. These are the elements that can only be seen when client and artist meet in person, so all of these factors can be taken into account to determine the full work it will require in completing the given project. A price is determined after the final designs are completed and will be determined in a drawing appointment.


Can you give me a quote?


We do not give general quotes due to the facts stated above. However, after a client commits in securing a project, a more accurate estimate can be stated according to that specific tattoo. 


Do you sell your tattoo designs?


No, we do not sell designs. Due to the hands-on nature of each piece, the designs that are created are a part of a collaborative process that involves that specific client alone. Designs are preserved to tailor each situation and individual. To receive a design prior to your tattoo appointments, a non refundable deposit is required. 


How can I get approved of the waiting list?


We are grateful and honor each request that is submitted. However due to the high amount of submissions and current waiting time Rachel limits the amount of projects she takes on to respect the ongoing projects. If you have submitted your project please be patient for your drawing appointment. Realistic tattoo projects are the first to be booked due to the waiting list. It is very important to explaine your project as thorough as possible when you email the studio to ensure quality assistance. 


What is the current waiting time?


We can not give you any estimation of the current waiting time. We only book appointments 3 to 4 months ahead, to respect ongoing projects. When there are opening spots in the schedule drawing appointments will be booked from the waiting list. 


I have a general vision about my tattoo, but I'm having trouble orginaizing my ideas, can you help me?


Yes, however, it is advised for clients to have general ideas in term of the direction well developed prior to imagery. The more clarity that the individual has for the intentions of the piece, the stronger the options are creatively to develop visuals to begin design based off of that foundation. Organizing, planning and composing imagery comes naturally when meanings that support them are authentic to the individual. Once a theme is established, then images can be created to your ideas. 


When will I see the Lay-out of the tatto design?


Once you are booked for a drawing appointment, a first base design will be created for you during that appointment. Rachel spends extensive time in preparing, gathering and organizing references so she will offer a focused visual to create the beste image possible. Usually a second drawing appointment follows to approve the design and work out details to finalize the project. 


How long is a normal tattoo session?


Session time varies widely depending on the actual piece, design, pain tolerance and related circumstances. However as a general range session can be between 6 to 8 hours. In larger projects sessions can run op to 10 hours and beyond. This is all of course including several breaks, meals and additional pauses. Pain is a gradual factor, where the longer the session is, the more pain can progress. It is strongly advised for clients to get a good night's rest to have a smooth session. 


If you have any further concerns pleas email to                   .              Thank u