About the studio

Welcome to The Art Studio. 

The Art studio is a private studio located in Geldrop, in the south of the Netherlands. Rachel's focus is on one on one client sessions. The atmosphere and design of the space is created to emphasize on the individual and is not a walk-in-shop. 

The Art Studio uses a technique of graphic design on skin, which shows the customers an exact preview of their tattoo, before realizing it.







Rachel van Mechelen

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We are grateful and honor each request that is submitted. However due to the high amount of submissions and current waiting time we limit the amount of projects we take on to respect the ongoing projects. If you have submitted your project please be patient for your drawing appointment.  It is very important to explaine your project as thorough as possible when you email the studio to ensure quality assistance. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email the studio, but please read the FAQ first. 

For an appointment with Rachel van Mechelen: 



Bogardeind 203

5664EE Geldrop



Openingstijden: Uitsluitend volgens afspraak


"Details are not details...

they make the design"